Oil and Gas Seals

APPLIED SEALS has developed the RGD compound for Oil & Gas industry and those compounds has tasked Element Hitchin with evaluating the RGD resistance of several elastomeric compounds in accordance with the procedure outlined in the NORSOK M-710 Rev 2 standard, not just that we also passed NACE TM0297, TOTAL RGD test & API 6A with compounds V9117AA, V9118AA, V9123AA, V9154AA, V9617AA, H9100AA and PERFREZ 9021A.

Compounds V9117AA V9123AA V9154AA H9100AA PERFREZ®
Test Condition 1.NORSOK M-710  
2.Nace TM0297    
3.TOTAL GS EP PVV 142    
4.API6A Sour Fluid Resistance    
Pressure range 380 bar 190 bar 380 bar 190 bar 380 bar
Material features
Use in low temperature environments
Low and stable compression set at high temperature Low swell in acids, alcohols, and aromatic solvents Good performance in abrasion resistance 1.Aggressive chemicals
2.Steam resistance
3.Compression et even at very high temperaturesUse
Dynamic service temperature -30℃~220℃ -15℃~220℃ -5℃~220℃ -15℃~130℃ 0℃~280℃
Static service temperature -40℃~250℃ -30℃~250℃ -30℃~250℃ -40℃~150℃ -10℃~300℃
Synthetic and mineral lubricants resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Aliphatic hydrocarbons Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Aromatic hydrocarbons Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Excellent
Chemical resistance Good Good Good Poor Excellent
Alcohol Poor Poor Good Poor Excellent